Jar Labeler32

1. Product Name:Jar Labeler 2. Product Description:Intro accraply Model 4000-high pressure stainless steel pressure sensitive labeling machine automatically, This machine is equipped with a worm feed device, which is used for labeling pharmaceutical…

  • Price: र7,500
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
industrial chiller units97

1. Product Name:industrial chiller units 2. Product Description:HOW DO INDUSTRY CHILLERS WORK? Compressor: Inside the compressor, the gas is converted from low to high pressure before going to the condenser to release its heat. Condenser: The…

  • Price: र6,950
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Soap Extruder64

1. Product Name:Soap Extruder 2. Product Description:It's one of the main reasons I enjoy making so many different handmade versions of everyday things like soap. I use soap on a regular basis, and I'm sure many of you do as well. It can be risky to use…

  • Price: र20,000
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
High Shear Mixers72

1. Product Name:High Shear Mixers 2. Product Description:QIMAO also provides specialized rotor/stator combinations for complicated applications: Ultra High Shear Mixers are capable of creating incredibly fine emulsions and dispersions that would otherwise…

  • Price: र8,000
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Hammer Mills95

1. Product Name:Hammer Mills 2. Product Description:These bearings are two sections house a roller bearing spherical with a taper lock to protect the shaft bearings. Internal wear components: In order to provide housing safety for the hammermill a longer…

  • Price: र11,500
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Surgical Mask Machine62

1. Product Name:Surgical Mask Machine 2. Product Description:Automatic procedure/surgical mask machine Automatic program/mask molding machine Our automatic machine continuously assembles 3 layers of non-woven cloth through the following process: ● Unroll…

  • Price: र20,000
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Volumetric Filling18

1. Product Name:Volumetric Filling 2. Product Description:Product Introduction ● - The powder filler is operated by an automatic microcomputer control system to scientifically weigh and fill the process. ● - through effective vibration, the vibrator…

  • Price: र3,500
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Vacuum Filling Machine63

1. Product Name:Vacuum Filling Machine 2. Product Description:Product Introduction intro Rotary external valve vacuum filler is suitable for filling liquid or thick products with or without suspended solids. The vacuum filler is equipped with a system…

  • Price: र4,000
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Hand And Finger Exercisers After Hemiplegia71

1. Product Name:Hand And Finger Exercisers After Hemiplegia 2. Product Description:Syrebo? hand and finger exercisers after hemiplegia provide effective functional training for hand rehabilitation. Through a specific air pressure, fingers and hand will be…

  • Price: र840
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121
Therapy Glove For Stroke50

1. Product Name:Therapy Glove For Stroke 2. Product Description:Syrebo? therapy glove for stroke can be used for high muscle tension, palm bending, curling, finger spasm, paralysis, paralysis, etc. It is suitable for patients with hand dysfunction such as…

  • Price: र24,000
  • Publish Date: 0606-0505-21212121

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