1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4'-Methylpropiophenone Pharmaceutical Raw Material Chemical 2-Bromo-4-Methylpropiophenone


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我们的热销产品CAS 125541-22-2 1-Boc-4-(phenylamino)phenylpyridine
CAS40064-34-4 4-哌啶酮盐酸盐一水合物
CAS23056-29-3 N-苯基哌啶-4-胺
CAS288573-56-8 4-(4-氟苯胺基)叔丁基KS0037
BMK16648-44-5 3-氧代-2-苯基丁酸甲酯
BMK5413-05-8 3-氧代-2-苯基丁酸乙酯
PMK13605-48-6 3-(苯并[d] [1,3]二氧杂-5-基)-2-甲基环氧乙烷-2-羧酸甲酯
CAS1451-82-7 2-溴-4'-甲基苯乙酮
CAS10250-27-8 2-(苄氨基)-2-甲基丙烯酸-1-醇
CAS 94-24-6丁卡因
CAS49851-31-2 2-溴-1-苯基戊烷-1--1-酮
CAS 94-09-7苯佐卡因
CAS 96-48-0γ-丁内酯


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Shijiazhuang Suking biotechnology Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2012, located in shijiazhuang, capital city of hebei province. It is a chemical enterprise engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary intermediates and chemical raw materials. Since the establishment of the company has established a good relationship with more than 20 countries.

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