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Dayara Bugyal, in the local tongue, refers to a circular plot of land which is a relatively lesser known Bugyals – pasture uplands reaching a maximum altitude of 12,100 ft. the trek starts from Raithal, a small Himalayan village that sits on the mountainside passing along the lovely mixed forests of oaks, maples, rhododendrons and pines. Dayara Bugyal has all the elements of a perfect Himalayan trek: mesmerizing forests, beautiful campsites, ancient villages, thrilling climbs to high points, majestic mountain views and few of the best alpine meadows.

Climbing to the high points of undulated pastures of Dayara, the Gangotri range reveals its magnificence like a white curve in the sky, a breathless glowing snowline gradually unveiling, along with Srikanth, Bandarpoonch and Black peak. You will also find a descent trail to Dodital, a fresh water lake which is the origin of Assi Ganga. During the trek, one gets to witness the carpet of blooming wildflowers around rivulets running across the grasslands.


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